USDA Organic Seal

Certified USDA Organic Seal

certificateNOPThe United States of Department of Agriculture has developed national standards for organically produced agricultural products which assure consumers that any products with the USDA Organic Seal meets consistent, uniform standards.

We have worked hard to achieve and maintain our certification under the USDA’s National Organic Program. What this means to you is that any product on our site  stamped with the USDA Organic seal, meets the program’s minimum requirement of 95% organic content.  We are very proud of this capability to bring wholesome and healthful products, free of chemicals, parabens, pesticides, artificial colors and fragrances to our customers while promoting sustainable agriculture in California and worldwide.

DRJ OrganiCare is certified through QAI, an Accredited Certifying Agent for the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).

NSF Seal

NSF / ANSI Certificate

DRJ OrganiCare has met the stringent requirements of the NSF/ANSI 305 standard for certification to produce Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients.

NSF/ANSI 305 is a voluntary standard, which allows the “contains organic ingredients” designation for products with organic content of 70 percent (O70) or more that comply with all other requirements of the standard.

NSF/ANSI 305 is the only American National Standard that allows labeling and marketing requirements for “contains organic ingredients” personal care products.  The standard also requires that USDA Organic NOP certified ingredients be used. NSF/ANSI 305 is the first consensus standard for “contains organic ingredients” personal care products in which all materially affected stakeholders – academic, regulatory, industry, and consumers – have discussed their expectations.


Organic Processed Product Registration

State of CA Dept. of Public Health

DRJ is registered with the California Department of Public Health to process and / or handle processed products “Sold as Organic”. The California Department of Public Health enforces laws pertaining to processed products marketed as “organic” in accordance with the California Organic Products Act (COPA) of 2003. These statutes protect consumers, producers, handlers, processors and retailers by establishment of standards under which fresh agricultural products/foods may be labeled and/or sold as “organic”.

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