Renewal Vita-C Sparkling Kit

1. Vita-C Sparkling: (L-Ascorbic Acid, CO2 & plant stem cells) 5 syringes + 5 mask sheets

Allow your skin to absorb the benefits of Vitamin C and CO2 in one amazing product. The Vita-C Sparkling contains Vitamin C which promotes collagen production and brightens the skin. The CO2 penetrates into the skin to purify and improve elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful combination of Vitamin C and CO2 provides an added boost of hydration leaving your skin radiant and youthful.

2. GA Peel 30 (Glycolic Acid 30%)

A professionally formulated peel, designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin texture, and other signs of aging. It penetrates the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, removes dead skin cells, minimizes the appearance of pores, and increases the skin’s absorption rate.

3. Vita-B Soothing Gel (D-Panthenol 100%)

D5 Pantothenic Acid; supports wound healing, regrowth of cells that are responsible for generating connective tissue after injury, maintains a healthy barrier function in the skin, increases levels of glutathione in the skin and protects against oxidative damage of cell membranes, reducing the effects of sun damage, pollutants, and other stressors. Also helps reduce the signs of aging, prevents wrinkles and even defends against skin cancer.

*Not available for retail. A copy of your seller’s permit, business license or practitioner’s license may be requested to complete your order.

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