DrJ SkinClinic Cell Protective Recovery Concentrate


CPRC is a concentrated product on healing the damaged lipids from UV, and aging process. When skin lipids get damages, it will lead to many other skin problems. It will cause skin to be dry, rough, wrinkled, discolored, and lose its healthy glow. Ingredients biotechnically derived such as ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acid (natural skin lipids components) are absorbed to skin to stop skin from drying, getting rough, and create more soft elastic skin. Also the coenzymeQ-10, and Tocopherol are encapsulated to help these ingredients to be penetrated to the skin to get faster, better results.

CATEGORY : Professional Grade (Recover)
ACTIVE : Alpha-Tocopherol 1%, Ceramide & Cholesterol
SIZE : 1 fl oz / 30 ml