Shop DRJ – USDA Organic Skincare and Clinical Skincare

DRJ OrganiCare ( is the ultimate online source for natural, certified USDA organic skincare and clinical skincare products for skin clinics and day spas. Each product is proudly made in the USA within our factory located in Orange, California. Much of our success can be attributed to our patented-formula complexes and high quality ingredients. Our products are used and trusted by board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons along with numerous salons, med spas, day spas, and clinics. We take pride in providing safe, natural, organic and professional skincare products which contain no parabens, petroleum, pesticides, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

ShopDRJ features two product lines:

DRJ Organics
Eco-friendly,USDA-organic skincare line developed for consumer, in-home use.
Dr. J SkinClinic
Professional-grade skincare treatments for cosmetic spa and clinical use.

Featured USDA Organic Skincare and Cosmetics

DrJ Organics Clear Skin Complex

Improves the Appearance of Blemishes and Helps Prevent Future Breakouts

Pure Organic Anti-Oxidant Lotion

Provides essential moisture and protection while nourishing your skin with antioxidant vitamins.

Pure Organic Baby Oil

Designed with safety in mind, this baby oil hydrates and protects while offering a gentle, natural scent that babies find calming and soothing.

Pure Organic Body Balm

With its natural disinfectant properties, this balm helps extremely dry skin look its best while relieving mastitis, eczema, psoriasis and shingles.

Pure Organic Body Elixir

Specially formulated to calm and soothe skin that’s been irritated by harsh environmental exposure.

Pure Organic Body Nutrition

Provides nourishment, hydration and deep conditioning to reveal your skin’s natural softness and radiance.

Featured Clinical Skincare and Cosmetics

DrJ SkinClinic Organic C-Powder

Improves skin brightening, hydration and texture. Reduces fine lines and skin irritation.

DrJ SkinClinic Green C-Powder Forte

Improves fine lines, age spots, pore size and blemishes. Helps improve skin hydration and texture.

DrJ SkinClinic Facial Wash

Safe and gentle cleanser that removes impurities deep within the pores. Ideal for oily or acne skin.

DrJ SkinClinic Vita-C Serum 20

Reduces appearance of fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. 1 fl oz / 30 ml

DrJ SkinClinic Anti-Wrinkle Eye Lifting Cream

Protein from plant extracts lifts the wrinkles around the eyes reducing sagging and fine lines.

DrJ SkinClinic Firming Cream

Very effective on improving the appearance of wrinkles and helping to prevent skin from sagging.